Becoming It - Eleen Yaw Coaching

Questions You Might Have:

How would I know whether I am ready to invest in myself?

YOU KNOW. When you are ready, there is a tiny voice saying yes! And it repeats itself again tomorrow and the many days after. Do something about it. It feels like you are scared but thrilled at the same time. Like meeting the ideal person of your life, so sure yet still have many questions in your head. What if…? There is no what if. You need to decide. Convince yourself with this; “ I am going to use my whole life to witness with great joy on the return of my investment.” Once you decide on that, you do not allow yourself to live backward, only charging towards living a life you have always wanted. Now, you are hearing loud band of YES! You are ready. Congratulations!

I do not have a lot of money. How am I going to afford it?

Focus on the life you want to live, that is where you want to be. Only when you truly want it, which only 2% of the world population does, fully trust your instinct and faithfully believe in it. When you are hungry for such success and decide to have it, the money will show up in the way you least expect it.

How soon will I see the results I want?

This is a work in process. You need to commit to making this work for you by following the instructions shared with you and you must start to think in a certain way. You will need to ditch the old thinking habits and be opened to receiving and acting according to what is asked of you. You have me and the universe to back you up here. Remember, this is your journey, creating what you are capable of. Know that at certain times, you may face doubts and fears like everyone does, including me. Once you overcome them, which you can, you will witness something beautiful flourishing within you. That, I know 🙂

I am very busy. Do you think I can handle this work?

If you cannot make time, then you are most probably not ready to receive. I understand we all have plenty on our plates. Send me a text message at +61 432 298 910 to book a 15 minute call, with your name and appointment time, including the time zone you are in, if you need help to sort out some intriguing questions.