Becoming It - Eleen Yaw Coaching


How do you see yourself today?

Are you putting on the most vibrant colours of Love, Healing, Compassion, Forgiveness, Loving Kindness, and Abundance?

If you prefer to see the greatness in life and create beautiful memories that are worth your time and attention, paint them on the fertile soil of the mind.

You Create Your Reality. That you need to know.

Are you radiating with joy that All Is Possible, do you choose to believe in the unseen, truly and faithfully and only expecting the incredible?

“There is only one principle at work, only your consciousness operating.” – The book, The Power of Awareness.

What do you want to create knowing that you are working with the Law of Consciousness?

Waking up to your power of consciousness and painting it crystal clear in the fertile soil of your mind. Then planting it deep.

Cultivate recognition. Fertilise it with concentration. Nourish it with faith. Activate it with consciousness.

“Condition your consciousness, there is nothing you can’t have.” – Neville Goddard.

Today is a very good day for you and me.

I expected that because that is what I have in my mind.

How would you think, feel and act today?

You can choose to live by design, not by default.

Design your life by getting to know yourself.

There is no other alternative.

We believe we know ourselves well, that is an illusion. If you are willing, spend some quiet time alone. You will hear what you might have neglected-who you truly are and can be.

Quiet the mind.

A few deep breaths…

You have a choice, with every awareness, that you can live happily or guilt-ridden for not doing enough. You can live with gratitude or wake up each morning bemoaning everything wrong about your life.

Even if there was a sliver of living the good life in your imagination, you would have beaten yourself up and talked yourself out of it.

“No way, that is ridiculous, and I am dreaming of the impossible. Get real! Stop dreaming.”

Living in a beautiful state of being yourself in your imagination is your birthright. It is your innate consciousness expressing itself so it can be heard and seen without the interruption of the five senses.

It is a feeling, being expressed and expanded with colourful images you might not have seen before. Why not play, sing, and dance along?

Don’t doubt. Just surrender to it and live that beautiful moment.

JUST BE. Feeling it. Becoming it

That all is asked from you by you.

Be the energy you want to attract.

People spend time, money, and effort on planning the right strategies for success. The strategies that work are those you believed in and envisioned.

People search for love and sometimes it is not what they had expected or wanted. Very likely, the intention to find the right one was not harmoniously expressed. Do not be jealous or self-pity but be happy for others.

To figure out the strategies to success or find the ideal partner, start by getting to know yourself.

How do you like to project yourself, or rather your energy, in this world?

I was told that if I desire great success, I have to celebrate others’ success stories and cheer for them. If I desire an ideal partner, I should congratulate those who have found their happy match.

We can choose to project and be surrounded by good and joyous energy. In return, we are open to receive what we put out there – Success and Love.