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Instead of saying I am lucky, I am very grateful. I searched for love and financial security outside of me for past decades. “Darling, there is nobody out there.” I read it from a book. Contemplate on it often.

Two years ago, someone recommended me to Bob Proctor’s teaching. For the past sixty years, Bob lived and walked on this earth with one conviction, We Were Born Rich. Instantly, I felt this is one best gift to me from the universe.

Life is good, that is my new mantra now. We are given a life to live at this present moment. People make decisions based on the past and plan for tomorrow with uncertainty and worry in mind. They miss living in the present which is the only moment that they have control over. Not many people aware of it. They said they know but their everyday life proved otherwise.

My name is Eleen Yaw

As a Transformational Coach, I ask for you to show up for who you can be. No more playing hide and seek. Time to achieve more, demand more, permit more, receive more, and celebrate more.

Feeling less of yourself is not an option. Being confident, successful, healthy, wealthy, and happy are inspiring new identities to bring you to a new level of success and greatness. Up your game in life and to only expect the best.

I want you to have what you have always wanted for yourself. I want the best for you and I am ready to guide you along, but only if you are hungry for what you desire. I never doubt what you can achieve. Dare to dream and feel it coming alive in you.

If you still worry that getting in touch with me will make you uncomfortable, you are resisting what is possible or waiting for you. If you want to see better results, you must overcome the discomfort of being heard. Override that negative voice to I AM ready to find out more.

We have 15 minutes to decide whether we are the right match for one another.

If growth in your personal improvement journey has not worked as quickly or as expected, why not give my methods a try?

Book a call with me by texting me at +61 432 298910 (your name and appointment time, including the time zone)