Becoming It - Eleen Yaw Coaching

Dare to dream BIG!

Why not YOU?

What could you possibly acheive if you take a leap of faith?

Who can you be, really?

If you are blind to it, then it is most likely you have no desire to live to your full potential.

You only attract who you are, not what you want.

Be the energy you want to attract.

That is the only way to re-write your success story.

You should not think of poverty when you wish for riches.

You should avoid expressing jealousy and self-pity if you desire happiness and freedom.

To attract what you want, praise the beauty around you and express your gratitude for what you have now. Nurture love within, be generous, kind, and gentle with your words and attitude. Pretence cannot get you far. Only the truth about you will.

Before you can attract what you want, get to know who you are.

Sometimes, people think they know everything on how to create a happy and great life. However, most of them get the same results year after year simply because they keep recycling the same thoughts. They go through life on autopilot—thinking the same thoughts, doing the same things, and often living their lives looking from the rear-view mirror.

Only by consciously creating new thoughts and new ways of doing things will we become aware that our life in front of us can be far more purposeful and inspiring.

Try to digest these

You are not your name. You are more than your name. You are not your age. Your age is just an indicator, not your destiny. You are more than what people think and say about you. You might be doubtful of your capabilities and skills; the truth is you are capable of creating the impossible if you take it seriously. You are the magnet to abundance, by living what you believe.

When people truly walk their truth, they taste freedom, breaking free from pain, guilt and hatred.

Are you curious about your life? Why you were born and what are the reasons, or life purposes that you need to fulfill? If life is a big puzzle to complete, before we can put all the pieces together, we would need to figure out where to place each piece precisely. It might look straight forward but occasionally it takes strategic effort and planning.

Every event in life represents a piece of the puzzle. It is meant to be there so we can complete and witness the final project we were assigned since birth. No time nor experience is wasted. They happen for reasons we have yet to understand.